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April 20, 2009


sivam krish

Zazzle is a pioneering company and is certainly a "market maker". The technology is not unique or impressive. Even a stes like www.jujups.com (developed by us) have sophisticated creation friendly interfaces that allow consumers to design online.

Zazzles business model seems to be currently wedded to its own fulfillment. As the range of products increase this may become a handicap. Companies like Ponoko and Shapeways are introducing the next generation of co-created products.

We are exploring other business models that will bring smaller fulfillment companies with more interesting product offering into a co-creation echo system. So far Zazzle has done a great job opening up the user generated market, which I believe will develop fast to embrace other manufacturing technologies that goes well beyond printing.

Frank Piller

Thanks for the great comments --- and indeed I have forgotten one important point:

(11) Relationship with community: Zazzle enables their community members to create amazing assortments of products and share (sell) them with the world. The comments before show how committed many of these contributors are (I may want to call them Zazzleistas). They are finally the driving force behind Zazzle -- without contributors and co-designers, the entire platform of Zazzle can not create any value at all.


I too feel grateful and fortunate to be one of the many individuals who has spent a LOT of time, had a lot of fun, AND will spend a lot more time creating, submitting and reviewing tons of artwork at Zazzle.

In the two years I've been at Zazzle I've seen many changes, some good, some seeming not so good at the time, but they always worked out for the best. I would actually laugh at 'us' for squawking and carrying on when some changes were made, only to get through it just fine and wonder how the folks at Zazzle put up with us!! I'd love to be a fly on their wall sometime! :-)

All-in-all it's been great, I'll continue to create for this and other POD SITES, there's certainly no turning back now!

Your art, on products, YOU make money, it's FREE!!! What else could you want?


Bit Devine

An excellent article showcasing the positives of Zazzle. As a Zazzle contributor of two years, I am thrilled to see that Zazzle is getting their just recognition. I am equally pleased to see that Sheryl was singled out. She is a shining example of the plethora of talented artists who utilise Zazzle. I am glad to be in her company.

Bit Devine
Rincon Creek Studios

Steven Barrymore

Zazzle has created a quality online experience which has yet to be matched by its competitors. It (Zazzle) gives the contributors a wide range of tools to create these varous Niches. Providing a visual appealing and easy to navigate environment. I am proud to offer my designs on Zazzle.

Steven Barrymore


I'm grateful to have a place to sell designs that haven't been blanded enough for corporate use.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Zazzle (and my other P.O.D. outlets as well).

http://www.zazzle.com/JaZilla JaZilla ~ Popped Culture
http://www.zazzle.com/shoveltest Shovel Test ~ Funny Anthropology & Archaeology Designs


I will add that Zazzle is bringing more to the table supporting gallery owners for optimizing their promotional abilities- moreso than any other POD I have seen to date- I thank Zazzle for this. ) As well as more recent tools to make opening galleries and getting them on board quicker and easier than before.

here are a few of my newest galleries:

Bill H.

Lets not forget the thousands of individuals that really give zazzle its uniqueness. Yes you can get those commercial comapany items, wich are great, but for the advertised uniqueness, you need individual designers and artist like myself and thousands of others that seem to get lost or swept under the rug of commercialism.
Bill H.
and www.zunetwork.us


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