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January 17, 2009


Frank Piller

Thanks for the feedback, Louis! I totally agree with this perspective and are looking on an exciting 2009!

Louis Columbus

I am honored you have given me so much attention in your blog and thanks for the kind words too. What led me to write such an inspirational post was seeing the drastic differences between companies who are letting the onslaught of negative news stop them from improving versus those charging forward to make positive change to their product configuration strategies. Now I do work for Cincom but this is not necesarily about buying more software, it's about finding the courage to step up, change, and better align to how customers want to buy. It's about delivering on the promise of mass customization.
So instead of a recession, it's better to look at this economic condition as a race. You can see it when you visit companies struggling with how to keep up the pace with how their customers are changing. Product configuration, done efficiently, can significantly improve profitability. I think the bottom line is that companies need to realize the path out of the recession for themselves is greater responsiveness, faster response times, and staying relevant by staying current with their customers' changing approaches to buying.

Thanks again and have a nice weekend!

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