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May 29, 2006




in the same concept, look at this website that I've just noticed http://cecrowdsourcing.blogspot.com/ This is a further step on the crowdsourcing as it aims to design and sale electronic products. It looks promising but it's just started. I'd recommand you to join this community, who knows it can work and you can pontentially earn money.

Jeff Howe


Discovering this blog is precisely the reason I chose to begin my own: I knew there were resources out there on the subject -- let's use your term of interactive value creation, as it serves as a better umbrella term than crowdsourcing -- that I simply hadn't been able to tap. I appreciate your careful reading of not just my article but my subsequent posts on crowdsourcing.com, including my attempt to fix a definition for crowdsourcing. The truth is that the phenomenon is in its infancy, and so is the descriptive language forming around it. I'm fully (and happily) expecting the crowd to tinker with all these terms until enough consensus builds to create a fairly stable nomenclature. As it happens, I'm really interested in mass customization, and only decided to leave it out of the piece when it became clear that it didn't quite fit under our operative rubric (or within space confines.) So I'm looking forward to backreading this blog, and the dialogue that I hope ensues between our sites.

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